Note ffrom webmaster Steven Fletcher: I received several emails from Chuck Lund regarding his ownership of a New Moon travel trailer just like the one used in the movie. What follows is a compilation of those emails.

I loved the 'Long Long Trailer' Movie. One of the reasons I enjoy that movie so much is because I owned a 1953 New Moon trailer.

I bought it used in 1969. When it was all set up, Something about it struck me silly. I could not for the life of me figure out what it was until one of my new neighbors remarked that my trailer was exactly like the one in a Lucille Ball movie. Then it hit me, it was featured in 'The Long, Long Trailer'

Even the Interior was identical. I had seen the movie in the early 50's, but had forgotten about what the trailer looked like. We did not have video tape back in the late 60's, but I did manage to catch it on a NY TV station one night. I think it was the 'Late Late Show' on channel 2. A few other people also saw it that night, and remarked the next day how much my trailer looked just like the one in the Movie. I instantly became a trailer park celebrity. But thank goodness, no one has called me 'Nicholas' or 'Tracy'.

I sold my trailer when I got married in 1972. Although I only had that trailer for 3 and a half years, I miss it a lot. It is still occupied by the couple that bought it from me. They never had any Children, so it was perfect for them.

I see that old trailer often, because I met my future Wife at that trailer park, and her parents still live there.

If I remember right, my bill of sale listed my 'New Moon' as being 32 feet long, but my brother and I measured it at 30 feet. Maybe the tow bar was included as the extra 2 feet. We only measured the body length. But then, the top front over-hang could have been the extra footage.

New Moon built several variations of this mobil home according to an old ad that I found inside the trailer mixed in with info about the fridge, stove and other appliances in the trailer when I bought it, and was believed to be the first manufacturer of units of this length.

One of my former neighbors told me that my unit was longer then the one in the movie, and others said it was shorter. I only remember that the interior of mine was identical to the one in the movie.

I was also told that the movie company had two of these trailers. One was a cut-away model for interior shots, and another for road use.

It was a pleasure talking to you. Regards, Chuck Lund.


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