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Long, Long Trailer

Clinton Twiss' 1950s novel about a couple who buy a new travel trailer home and spend a year traveling the United States provided the inspiration for "The Long, Long Trailer" the Movie.

Released in 1954
Run Time 1 hour 37 minutes



Lucille Ball

Tracy Collini

Desi Arnez

Nicholas Collini

Marjorie Main

Mrs. Hittaway

Keenan Wynn


Bert Freed

Trailer Mechanic

Moroni Olsen

Mr. Tewitt

Gladys Hurlbut

Mrs. Bolton

Madge Blake

Aunt Anastasia

Walter Baldwin

Uncle Edgar

Screenplay by
Albert Hackett
& Frances Goodrich

Based on a novel by
Clinton Twiss

Directed by
Vincente Minnelli

The "Long, Long, Trailer"
was a 1953 New Moon
32ft 3+ tons.
Sale price $5,345

The car was a 1953 Mercury Monterey Convertible with a flathead V8. Horsepower 125 at 3700 rpm.


The Long, Long, Trailer
Theme Music
"Breezin' Along With The Breeze"
(.wav sound file 725k
about 2 minutes @ 56k)

Desi made a
Promotional "trailer"
preview for the movie.
(.wav sound file 680k
about 2minutes @ 56k)

In the Long Long Trailer, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez play newlyweds Tacy and Nicky Collini. Nicky's job keeps him moving around the county. Tacy thinks having their own traveling home... before they were called RVs... is a much better idea than staying in motels and rented rooms.

Nicky is against the idea at first, but when he realizes Tacy is serious, agrees to buy a trailer.

During the film, Nicky learns how to drive 'forty feet of train' through congested city streets and the importance of 'trailer brakes first!' Then he backs the 'rig' over Aunt Anastasia's prize roses.

Tacy tries to cook dinner in the New Moon trailer while Nicky drives them to their destination which proves to be a really bad idea.

Along the way she collects rocks as souvenirs of the places she has been along with lots of canned fruits and vegetables, eventually causing the trailer to be greatly overloaded.

The movie's climax revolves around the hilarity of moving a 32ft 3 ton trailer up a very steep, narrow mountain road.

The dangerous mountain road featured in the movie is Whitney Portal Road which leads up to Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The hairpin turn featured in the film offers scenic views of the Owens Valley.

During the scenes of Nicky and Tacy pulling their trailer in the mountains, their 1953 Mercury Monterey convertible is replaced with a larger but similar appearing 1953 Lincoln Capri convertible. The distinct Lincoln grille is clearly evident in a shot as the car rounds a curve. The more powerful Lincoln (which is equipped with a 205 HP V8 engine) was needed to pull the heavy New Moon trailer up and over the steep grades of the Sierra Nevadas where the scenes were filmed.

Even though it's only loosely based on Clinton Twiss' novel, the Long, Long trailer is one of our favorite comedies and is a must see for any serious RVer.

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While Lucy's character on the hit TV series yearns to star in a musical performance, Lucy herself had no such ambition. M-G-M nevertheless provided her an opportunity to sing with Desi in the film.

"Breezin Along With The Breeze" by Haven Gillespie, Seymour Simons, and Richard A. Whiting, was the ideal song for the newlyweds to sing as the long long trailer passes by glorious scenery. The lush orchestration heard in the rest of the movie was dropped in favor of a light trio accompaniment emanating from the characters' car radio. This was done in order to keep their breaking into song within the realm of believability.

Luci & Desi in The Long, Long Trailer
Nicky & Mrs. Hittaway carry Tacy in to the long long trailer.

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