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Publicity photo of Clinton Twiss and his Long, Long Trailer
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Clinton Twiss

Like many other full time RVers, Clinton and Merle Twiss let their apartment go, sold most of their possessions and bought a travel trailer with plans to travel the United States and Canada for two years. But Clinton and Merle did it back in the late 1940s!

Clinton Twiss was one of the first Full Time RVers to write about his experiences in a full-length book. And thanks to a Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez motion picture of the same name and based loosely on Clinton's book he is the most famous Trailerite.

Clinton Twiss' Biogaphy from the back cover of his book:

Although The Long, Long Trailer was Clinton Twiss's first full-length book, his entertaining style was know to hundreds of thousands of radio listeners. He was long associated with such programs as One Man's Family, I Love a Mystery, Mysteries by Morse, The Barry Fitzgerald Show, and many others. However, in the last few years he was obliged to give up this strenuous routine in order to devote all his time to television production and his Hollywood radio show, Twiss Told tales.

Queried about the snags an author hits - particularly when writing about trailer experiences - Mr. Twiss had only these sad, wise words to offer: "You'd have to live in a trailer to know what it means to write with the vacuum cleaner running in your ear, or your wife urging you to move while she takes the pie from the out of the oven, or the man next door who bumps the trailer and knocks the typewriter of the bread board (that's my desk) every time he goes to the shower."

Webmaster's note: Clinton E.Twiss ( Buddy ) Born: Minnesota, 3-5-04, Died: Los Angeles 11-7-52 Twiss suddenly became ill and died of heart attack in cab on the way to the hospital.

Merle V. Twiss Born: Washington, 3-19-05, Died: Turlock, CA 12-22-61

After Clinton's death Merle's family moved the trailer to their backyard in Modesto (the place and family as described in his book) where she lived until she became ill.

• Merle learned to drive their car after Clinton's passing.

• Before moving in to the trailer, the Twiss' lived in an apartment behind Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Clinton and Merle Twiss

Clinton and Merle Twiss - Long, Long Trailer
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