Before they were called RVers they called themselves Trailerites - Celebrate the History of RVing celebrating the rich and adventurous history of RVing.

The RVing lifestyle has its beginnings in the early 1900s.

Not long after the rise in popularity of the automobile folks began building trailers similar those used today to pull behind their cars and hit the open road.

Sometime during those early days these travelers adopted the name 'Tin Can Tourists' probably because of their tin can like trailers.

After WWII returning veterans looking for inexpensive housing that spurred the interest in travel trailers.

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Here Today and Gone Tomorrow.

That's the Motto of Millions Who Follow the Sun With a Home on Wheels. Only these RVers were doing in back in 1935 when a site in a Florida trailer resort cost one dollar a week with an extra twenty-five cents for electricity!

The Long, Long Trailer - The Movie

Learn about the Movie one of the first about the RVing lifestyle, take the Long, Log Trailer Trivia Quiz, listen to audio clips from the movie.

The Long, Long Trailer - The Book

The book chronicles the year-long cross country adventures of full time RVers Clinton and Merle Twiss in the late 1940s.

Read the description from the dust jacket.

Clinton Twiss

Like many other full time RVers, Clinton and Merle Twiss let their apartment go, sold most of their possessions and bought a travel trailer with plans to travel the United States and Canada for two years. But Clinton and Merle did it back in the late 1940s


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